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I walked into the living room, Kenny was sitting on the sofa drinking and Ben was sitting on the chair next to the sofa.
"Should… should you be drinking that?" I said nervously sitting next to Kenny
"Yeah, why not?" Kenny mumbled
"Just cause.. uh.. never mind.."
I was sitting there in silence, Ben turned to me and said
"Why did you leave? I was really worried you know.. I thought that dude.. on the radio took you"
"I'm sorry Ben.. Clementine and I wanted to go find Lee.. and Kenny"
"Okay.. don't do it again though"
"I wont!" I said smiling
Krista came down the stairs, she looked sad.
"Is he okay?.." Ben said
"No.. he really isn't looking good, we need to find medicine.. and fast" Krista said as she sat on the sofa she looked at me and said
"You didn't see anything out there did you? Somewhere we could get medicine?"
"No.. Molly said Savannah has been stripped clean, by the people in Crawford" I said
"Yes! People sealed off the whole neighbourhood and-"
"Arghhh!!! Krista!!!" Omid yelled
Krista stood up and ran up the stairs
"I'm coming sweetie!" she yelled
I crossed my arms and said
"I hope he's okay"
"Yeah.. w-well doesn't m-matter now… we don't have a boat or… anything!" Kenny said drinking the whisky.
He was that drunk… already?
"You okay?" I said
"Oh I'm just great!" Kenny mumbled
Awhile later I heard the backdoor open, I stood up and walked out of the living room, I was right it was Lee! And.. some other man.. and Moly was there just searching the house, she's been doing that all day.
"Molly?" Lee said
"Oh hey! You made it back!" Molly said smiling
"Hi! Lee!" I said as I walked towards him
"Hey Leah" Lee said
"I didn't think you would of made it back hah.." I said nervously
"Well I'm here aren't i!" Lee said smiling
"Who are these people?" The man said
Lee looked at me and said
"This is Leah, and this is-"
"Oh he didn't tell you about me? Understandable, I guess. I'm the one who put that beating on him when he tried to jump me back at the river. Who's the fossil?.." Molly said
"This is Vernon, he's a doctor. He helped me get back here after we got separated." Lee said
Hm.. Vernon… he looked a little.. uh I don't know.. I don't think I trust him though… Lee gave Molly back her weapon and then Krista ran down the stairs
"Oh Lee! Thank god you're back!" Krista said with a worried look on her face
"Krista what's wrong?" Lee said
"Its Omid! He's gotten worse.. much worse!"
"We have a man wounded.." Lee said looking at Vernon
"Who's this?" Krista said with a confused look on her face
"This is Vernon he's a doctor"
"Oh thank god! You have to help us! Please!" Krista begged Vernon
So Krista and Lee took Vernon upstairs to help Omid I didn't really have much place there, so I walked back into the living room and sat next to Kenny again. Later Lee came down the stairs and into the living room and said
"Oh! You made it back.. good job! Good job.." Kenny said as he took another drink of the beer..
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Lee said in an angry voice
"What does it look like?" Kenny said shrugging his shoulders
"Where did you get the bottle?"
"F-Found it..!"
"Kenny c'mon give me that!" Lee said as he reached out to take the bottle, but Kenny didn't let him
"Kenny! Give me the damn bottle!"
"Get the fuck away from me!!" Kenny said as he stood up
"Getting wasted isn't going to help anyone!"
"Yeah! Well what is? We are fucked!! Molly said there isn't a single boat left in Savannah! And we got walkers all around us.. that crazy fuck on the radio messing with us! Hell if now aint the time for a drink…" Kenny said as he offered Ben some
Ben looked at Lee.. he had an angry look on his face.. Ben didn't take any, good if he did.. i wouldn't of been happy..
"Have any of you seen Clementine?" Lee asked
"Nope.. why? Is she missing? I said
"I don't think she's missing.. I just cant find her"
"Oh.. I'll help you!" I said as I stood up
"I'v checked everywhere, we'll go out the back and see if she's there okay?"
"Yeah, okay!"
Me and Lee walked outside.. I couldn't see her, Lee looked around and I walked up to the shed, I tried to open it but it was stuck.
"It doesn't look like she's here.." I said
"Yeah… c'mon she must be somewhere. We'll check the house again" Lee said as he walked away
I was about to follow him until I heard a banging noise from the shed, I looked back and so did Lee.
"Is there something in there?" I whispered
Lee walked to the shed and said
"Let's find out.."
Lee put his hands on the door handles and tried to pull them open then suddenly the door busted open and Lee fell over
"Eeek!" I screamed
I looked at it was Clementine!
"Lee!" She said as she ran and hugged him
"What were you doing in there?" Lee said with a smile
"Exploring! And look! Look what I found!" Clementine said as she walked towards the shed
Lee stood up and opened the shed doors, I took a look inside, my eyes widened and I started to smile. It was a huge boat!
"Holy shit!" Lee cursed
"Swear..!" Clementine giggled
I smiled and said
"Kenny's gonna be so happy! I'm gonna go get him!"
But I turned around and bumped right into Kenny.
"Kenny! I'm sorry!"
Kenny walked right passed be and looked into the shed, he started to smile and he dropped the bottle.
Kenny sent us all into the house so he could work on the boat and Ben was helping him, Vernon explained that Omid had an infected leg… and we really needed medicine.. then Kenny came in with Ben and said
"Okay, you want the good news or the bad news?"
"Uh I think we could all use some good news" Lee said
"Good news is its seaworthy enough… it's in pretty good shape, mostly"
"Mostly?" Krista said
"That's the bad news.. gas tanks empty and her batteries dead, we need to fix both before she's taking us any place"
"Well how are we supposed to get that stuff?" Krista said
There was a silence
"Well what about this Crawford place? Sounds like they have everything we need, maybe we should try there" Krista suggested
"Now hold on a minute.." Vernon said
"Surely we have to try! If there are still people in this city who are alive! Who still have supplies what harm can it do to ask?" Krista said
"Trust me! You don't know these people.. I do! You showing up with a wounded man might as well put a noose around his neck. They don't exactly welcome children with open arms either" Vernon explained
"What kind of place are we talking about here?" Krista said
"The worst kind. But I don't see what other choice we have.." Molly said
"And just how exactly do you figure we do this?" Kenny said
"There's got to be some way we can sneak in.. undetected" Lee said
"There might actually be away.. I know the sewer system that runs beneath Crawford like the back of my hand. You wouldn't have a map by any chance?"
They continued to talk about sneaking in.. I was wondering if I'd be allowed to go to.. since they aren't really kind to children.. I walked over to Ben and whispered
"Can I go?.."
"Huh?" Ben said
"To Crawford.. can I come with you guys?"
"Uh I don't know.. if it's okay with Kenny then yeah"
"Sweet! Okay!" I smiled
I ran upstairs since Clementine was told to stay there.
"Clementine, we're going to that Crawford place!"
"I know.. I heard you guys talking, I hope I'm allowed to go to.."
"You might! I am well if Kenny says its okay, but I don't really see what he has to do with it.."
"Here comes Lee.." Clementine whispered
"How long have you been there? I told you to stay in your room" Lee said as he walked up the stairs
"Is it going to be dangerous?" Clementine said
"Is what going to be dangerous?"
"I can't lie Clem.. It is going to be dangerous.."
"I don't want anyone else.. to die.."
"Neither do I Clem.. but sometimes we have to take those kinds of risks.."
"I guess I should go get ready.." Clementine said as she stood up
"Say what now?"
"You said you need all of us to help.. and you said I'm a big help.. remember?.. Molly said Crawford is the only place in Savannah that still has people in it.. that means it must be where my parents are!"
"Where I'm going it's just too dangerous for children"
"Then how come Leah gets to go!" Clementine said pointing to me
Lee looked at me and I said
"Ben said its okay… I still need to ask Kenny though.. I'm actually gonna go ask him.."
I stood up and walked down the stairs to let them talk, I walked out to the back yard and saw Kenny and Ben working on the boat, I walked up to them and said
"So… uh I'm allowed to go to Crawford… right?"
Kenny and Ben looked at each other, then back at me
"Okay you can go but you have to stay close to me, or Ben okay?" Kenny said
"Sure! I got it!" I smiled
"You better, last thing we need is a little girl getting lost in this.. Crawford place.." Kenny said
"Yeah… I know.. but I promise I'll stay by you and Ben!"
"Good!" Ben smiled
As the day ended before I knew it, it was night… we were all out in the back yard getting ready. Krista gave me some bullets for my gun and she taught me how to reload and shoot properly. I have to admit I was pretty excited about doing this… sneaking in it sounded.. cool… if we could pull it off though, we'll be screwed if it doesn't. I was standing at the little fountain and I overheard Kenny and Lee talking
"I took another look at the boat.. she's a 30 footer" Kenny said
"So we're gonna have a capacity problem, boat that size aint gonna hold more than six people.. even with two of them kids"
"Me, you, Clementine, Krista, Leah, Omid, Ben, Molly.."
"Assuming everyone makes it back alive.. that's still one to many, even if we cut Molly loose. Before this is over.. we're gonna have to make a decision"
"You aren't serious.."
"Look I'm just saying if we want the best chance of-"
Then Vernon.. and a woman came in through the gate, I wasn't even concentrating on who she was. Where we actually going to leave someone behind.. jesus.. I'm not looking forward.. to that..
The woman's name was Brie I think… something like that, as we were leaving Lee stopped me and Clementine and said
"You two ready?"
"Ready!" Clementine said
"Me to!" I smiled
"Woah hold on a minute! You're not taking them with us! Did you not hear me when I told you the kind of ways Crawford lives?" Vernon said
"I'm not leaving her in the house with only Omid to protect her and I'm sure Kenny and Ben feel the same about Leah" Lee said
"For what it's worth.. I don't think it's a great idea either" Molly said
"They're coming deal with it" Lee said
"You heard the man let's move out!" Kenny said
After a while of walking in the disgusting sewers… Vernon looked up and said
"This should be it! We're right underneath the centre of Crawford. The school should be directly above us!"
"Okay people this is it, remember the plan! We stay quiet, we stay hidden! And we stay together! We find what we need and we get the hell out before anyone even knows we're there, got it?" Lee said
We all nodded, I was really excited… I still didn't know why but I was looking forward to it.
yes! finally i got this finished!! can't wait to do my fan fic on episode five later hah X3
Bloodrain22 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Where's episode four part five?
GirlMarioFan Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
This version of the walking dead is better than the games. I wish they used this version for the game to. Like in 400 days, u choose your character, it could be like that but u choose Leah or lee
Darkanime2487 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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